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"Mr President, the Barcelona Process will never get off the ground as long as the common principles are not being complied with. Fine words like peace, stability and prosperity will degenerate into empty slogans if partner countries continue to sacrifice the constitutional state on the altar of unbridled political power. The intensification of economic cooperation cannot be seen as a separate issue from progress in the areas of human rights and democracy. Many Arab leaders refuse to realise that openness, power-sharing and fair judicial procedures will promote rather than hinder stability and economic development. A properly functioning civil society is not a threat, it is a necessary precondition for decent government. Egypt is a big and important country with a rich history. She must play a leading role in the political modernisation of the Arab world. In order to achieve this, she must set an example that other states can emulate. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this as yet. Openness and democracy still leave much to be desired, and the constitutional state is often violated. Thus Dr Ibrahim’s recent seven year prison sentence is a flagrant breach of every legal concept. The accusations of fraud with EU money are not only unsubstantiated, according to the Commission, they are completely unfounded. This sentence therefore undermines the cooperation treaty. We are therefore urgently appealing to President Mubarak to do everything in his power to reverse this injustice. Good relations with Egypt are also of vital importance for us. The European Union is willing to inject new life into the Barcelona Process, but this can only be done if our partners stop flouting the principles."@en1

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