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"Mr Haarder, we were referring in our question to the death in prison of Juan Ondó Nguema, but, sadly, we must now add that on 31 August another political prisoner died in the Black Beach prison, Juan Asumu Sima. This 80-year-old man had to attend trial, sometimes assisted, and at others seated, due to the brutal torture to which he had been subjected. The political prisoners in Black Beach may end up becoming names on a long list of the deceased which will continually prick the conscience of international and, of course, European Union public opinion. Mr Haarder, the Council can think what it likes, but, of course, believing the government of Equatorial Guinea instead of the opposition is too much to believe. I ask you, is the Council thinking of making an official visit to the political prisoners in Black Beach and, moreover, taking measures to suspend the Cotonou agreement with Equatorial Guinea if they are not freed immediately?"@en1

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