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"With respect, I believe that the President-in-Office of the Council has offered a reply which may belong somewhere, but not on Earth or in the European Union, and much less in Equatorial Guinea. Mr President-in-Office of the Council, your reply demonstrates that either you do not know or that you do not want to know that in Equatorial Guinea a trial has taken place with no democratic guarantees, with punishments based on non-existent accusations and, furthermore, in a situation in which, after being found guilty, the lives of the accused are in grave danger. I do not know if you are aware, for example, that for a week they have not been provided with any kind of food and that 48 hours ago two of them have had to be taken to the Malabo hospital urgently with serious pains. Mr President-in-Office of the Council, do you intend to honour the response of the European Commission to the situation in Equatorial Guinea, delivered by the relevant Commissioner at the last plenary, and, furthermore, comply with this Parliament’s resolution on this situation, by applying the provisions of the Cotonou Agreement?"@en1

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