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"Mr President, Commissioner, when Mr Obiang, the President of Equatorial Guinea, visited Brussels two years ago and met President Prodi, he gave him commitments to democratisation and to respect human rights, commitments which have been blatantly flouted, something made crystal clear by the trial – if it can be called a trial – that has just taken place Furthermore, it is also true that the European Union, only a few months ago, voted in the United Nations Human Rights Commission for a Resolution stating that the regime in Equatorial Guinea was taking steps towards democracy and towards respecting human rights. I think that what has happened clearly shows that the commitments Mr Obiang gave to Mr Prodi have not been met. And the issue is this: is Mr Prodi – as President of the Commission – going to speak to Mr Obiang – as President of Equatorial Guinea – to demand explanations as to the degree to which those commitments are being complied with in view of this trial – I repeat, if it can be called a trial – that has taken place?"@en1

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