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"Madam President, as previous speakers have said, it has proved to be an extraordinarily controversial process to get this far, especially for the British who have only now agreed to bring in a fair voting system, without which, it must be said, I would unlikely to be speaking here this afternoon. The British also accept that they have a responsibility to ensure that the citizens of Gibraltar can be represented in this place. I trust that the participation of Gibraltar within the European political system will soften some of the nationalistic tensions we have seen in that part of the Union. Several States have quite properly conceded the end of the dual mandate. This practice is contrary to the constitutional principle of the separation of powers and impairs Parliament's efficiency. So I congratulate the rapporteur and the Belgian and Spanish presidencies for brokering the agreement. I look forward to a further review of the uniform electoral procedure, by which time I trust that the Convention will have established the argument for regional seats in the larger States as well as for some element of a transnational list."@en1

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