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"Mr President, I believe that the best response we can give to the extreme right and to any fashionable populist discourse against the European Union is to build more and better Europe. In my opinion, the Lamassoure report is particularly timely for this very reason. We believe that, to solve the citizens’ problems, we need a Europe that has the appropriate competences and the institutional instruments required to manage them correctly and sufficient resources to implement them. This will certainly take place, because the citizens demand more Europe. I am one of those who believes that it is not true that citizens want to re-nationalise competences, nor do they think the European Union is some kind of giant whose voracity knows no bounds. I believe that the Lamassoure report is appropriate precisely for this reason, and more importantly, that its general approach is correct. We need to revise the competences of the European Union upwards, rejecting any kind of re-nationalisation, weakening or curtailment of those which already exist. I also consider it vital for there to be increasing flexibility in order to develop the Community acquis and for this reason I agree that there should be no ‘competence catalogue’ in the strict sense. I also consider that if there are three areas in which the competences of the EU should be increased, these are in economic governance and social Europe, foreign policy, and legal affairs and the internal market. In this regard, it is appropriate that there is a review clause, in the fashion of the current Article No 308, and to establish a clear hierarchy of acts in order that what today is primary law continues to be considered in this regard. I also believe that the regions, particularly those with legislative capacity, should have an increasing role in the future of the European Union, so that they can apply these very Community competences."@en1

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