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"Mr President, the Liberal Group strongly welcomes the report for not simply revisiting existing powers to improve clarity but for boldly seeking to adjust competences to face the challenges that the Union knows, especially in the foreign and security field. The report will serve as the first contribution to the Convention on the question of competences. I trust that the Convention will follow the wise approach in rejecting the rigid and misleading concept of exclusive competences and in focusing instead on developing a more sophisticated system of power sharing. My group supports the idea of creating a new judicial procedure of constitutional complaint for breaches of competency, which implies the rapid evolution of the European Court. The procedure would be rarely deployed, but it represents a significant insurance scheme to see that the Union authorities do not abuse their reinforced powers. A further area deserving of greater focus concerns the regions, which can be, and should be, useful intermediaries between the citizen on the one hand and the supranational authorities on the other. We are proposing amendments which will strengthen the report in this respect."@en1

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