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"Madam President, I would like to congratulate the Commission on having persuaded the Member States at the Barcelona Summit to commit to the target for common development cooperation finance for the first time in history. This is certainly a very modest start to the joint process. However, I would like to ask Commissioner Fischler how the Commission intends to ensure that the Member States also really commit to this target in legal terms, so that this does not just remain a political resolution, and how you see the Member States sharing the burden. It is surely the case that the countries that have reached the 0.7% target for GNP – Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – will not pay any more before they see the countries that are lagging behind take responsibility for their share too. This is all about very large sums of money. As my fellow Members have already mentioned here today, from 2006 EU countries will need to find an extra seven billion dollars per annum and a total of 20 billion dollars before then. How do you intend to accomplish this? It is very important for us to take a longer policy view of the situation already at this stage. As a result, our group is proposing that at Johannesburg the EU should commit to reaching the 0.7% target by the year 2010. I would ask other groups to support this target, on which we will shortly be able to vote."@en1

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