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"Mr President, it is appalling how women in many developing countries are still being treated. They often have to do the hard work, give birth to and bring up many children, and are scarcely remunerated for this. They have no, or poor, access to education. Women suffer heavily from domestic violence. Reproductive health care often leaves a great deal to be desired. Also politically speaking, women do not have a voice. Cultural, religious and socio-economic customs which are at odds with the humane and equal treatment of women must be broken down. To fight for this is not a form of neo-colonialism, it is a of effective development. This is why the fight against structural injustice has to play a prominent role in European development policy across the board. It is very unfortunate that I am the only man to take the floor on this matter this evening. We men should not leave women to fight this battle alone. The situation is too appallingly unfair for this."@en1

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