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"Mr President, wherever else the world may make progress, it fails to do so in the area of human rights. The number of violations increases, and with it the feeling of powerlessness to do anything about it. Europe, the mother of moral values, should not resign itself to this. The European Union must adopt a more consistent and less hypocritical policy. However, I do believe that every country where violations occur should be assessed individually. The implications of punitive measures are ultimately more important than the way in which they are targeted. A rigid code of conduct is not effective. It is preferable to apply clear guidelines strictly, taking into account the specific circumstances. If sanctions are imposed, the population should always be spared as much as possible. In the European Union’s policy, human rights should not only be given priority in words, but mainly in deeds. Without civilisation, there is no progress, and without human rights, there is no civilisation."@en1

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