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"Mr President, a surge of violence is destroying the tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Will the armistice hold at long last? When will the government and the Tamil Tigers realise that there are no winners in this civil war, and when will long-term peace be established? Now that there is a new government, we should strike while the iron is hot. It is of the utmost importance for all parties to agree on the basic principle of lasting peace. The President and Prime Minister must at long last sing from the same hymn sheet; otherwise, they will be playing into the hands of the Tigers. In the past, the Tamil Tigers have repeatedly violated armistices. Seven years ago, the last peace negotiations were unexpectedly broken off by attacks by the Tigers. And they continue to recruit soldiers, including children, even to this day. The politicians should remain vigilant, at an international level too. The monitoring by 30 observers seems very meagre indeed. Are they capable of doing a proper job? And what, I ask, can the European Union do to ensure that the weapons are put under lock and key for good and that the violent storm on this paradise-like island at long last subsides?"@en1

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