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"Mr President, the essential message of this splendid report, which the Liberal Group strongly supports, the central message really is that national parliaments could, and should, contribute more to the political system of the European Union. But they ought to focus on what they do best and not tread upon the prerogatives of the European Parliament. What national parliaments must improve on doing is to scrutinise and check the executive power of the Council. What they do worst is to second-guess the legislative powers of the European Parliament. That is why we firmly reject the British proposals to insert a third legislative chamber composed of national MPs, whose function would be "to police subsidiarity". Such a national cuckoo inside the federal nest would shatter the codecision procedure, which is the key formula in the Union's own march towards becoming a mature post-national parliamentary democracy. Such a chamber would be stuffed with dutiful poodles of the Council, making a mockery of parliamentary involvement in European affairs at the national level. I trust the British government will listen to the debate on this question in the Convention and then withdraw its dangerous and obscurantist proposal."@en1

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