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"Plugging the welfare gap is crucial for attaining stability and peace in the world. More development aid is not enough but, without extra funding, poverty cannot be eradicated. Affordable schooling and health care must enable people to develop the economy themselves and attract foreign capital. In order to achieve the UN development objectives, aid has to be doubled. Most donors still give far less than the agreed 0.7% of their GNP. America could easily contribute far more, but only has an eye for increasing its military expenditure. Many European partners too are still failing to meet the mark. The problems involved in granting aid should not be an excuse for doing too little. Learning from experience and improved international coordination can make development cooperation more effective. Aid must help set up good governance, democratic structures and a well-functioning market economy. Access to the global market is essential for developing countries. Insupportable debts must be substantially lowered, and the Debt Repayment Fund must be adequate for this. Poverty, Mr President, is the breeding ground for violence and terrorism. More aid is not only a humanitarian necessity, but also an absolute condition for attaining stability and peace in the world."@en1

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