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"Mr President, 29 years ago I visited Mário Soares in his exile apartment in Paris. At that time I did not know I would be thanking you today for the good leadership of this meeting. I have signed the letter of withdrawal and prepared the speech of withdrawal and regret that the last vote started with my name. May I thank the 76 colleagues who lent me their votes in the second round to support the fair chair platform. It was clear from the beginning that the battle would be between Mr Cox and Mr David Martin. We have had good discussions in the groups and a splendid televised debate arranged by and the Campaign for Parliamentary Reform. The final debate before the vote today was the result of a common initiative from the five candidates. Our friendships have not been weakened but been strengthened. Dear Mr Cox, congratulations on your victory. You gained the majority in a secret vote. You are no longer the result of a deal. You have a clear mandate from the House. The election campaign made you aware of the problems we need to solve. Voting must be reformed; speaking time should allow for lively debate, all Members should have access to all documents from the legislative process; small groups and independent Members should have their fair share of posts; backbenchers should be able to speak at least three times a year; newcomers should be invited as observers and have their languages accepted. The Convention must appropriately represent the different views of both the federalist majority and the minorities. A democracy must always be fair in how it treats its minorities and you will be fair in how you serve the many minorities in this House. I wish you 30 months of hard work for the equal benefit of all of us. Congratulations."@en1

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