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"Mainly thanks to the Belgian Presidency, the discussion on the future of Europe has been broadened to involve MEPs and it is becoming a public discussion. This is to be welcomed, but there is also a considerable risk of the Convention acquiring Babel-like features, because it is open to all topics and all opinions. In their Laeken Declaration, the Heads of Government have chosen fine words to say ultimately nothing. They have presented the many questions which they themselves had not been able to answer for ten years to a Convention which is only being given a few months to come up with the answers. It also remains to be seen whether the Convention can narrow the gulf between the EU and the people. People are not interested in the redistribution of power between the institutions. What people care about is the content of the decisions, rather than the level at which they are adopted. Europe is not served by a trench war between federalists and intergovernmentalists. More intensive cooperation in gradual steps is what is required. It will then transpire that the Community method is the only viable route to take. The ideological battle about Europe’s future only has losers. As far as I am concerned, Laeken should have stated this."@en1

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