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"Mr President, may I join in the praise of the Presidents of the Commission and Council for having brokered the deal at Laeken. To have got a British Prime Minister to have signed up to the prospect of a federal constitution is an extraordinary thing. It is certainly unprecedented. I fear though that the size of the podium in this chamber will require strengthening and extension so that it can fit in Valerie Giscard d’Estaing and his entourage. The European citizen will feel truly privileged that we have such a grand praesidium to service our work. Thank you for the 60 questions or so. Frankly, I would have wished for more. First, there is nothing on strengthening the powers of the Court. Secondly, there is nothing on revising the formula of a qualified majority in the Council. Thirdly, there is nothing on strengthening the role of the regions within the political system of the Union and, fourthly and finally, we would have appreciated some critical self-assessment of the functioning and performance of the European Council itself. But we are blessed with a truly pluralist procedure – an exciting and novel one – and we retain the freedom within the Convention to ask ourselves questions. We will exploit that freedom."@en1

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