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". – Ladies and gentlemen, at the request of a number of Members we have decided very briefly to commemorate the tragic events that occurred three months ago. With your agreement, I will therefore read out a message. Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, three months ago today, at 8.46 a.m. New York time, the entire world was shaken by the horrific attacks that struck Manhattan and Washington. At this moment, when I would ask you to reflect and remember, my thoughts, our thoughts, go first of all to the thousands of victims and their families, to the emergency services, to the military and civilian employees whose lives were suddenly shattered. They also go to the American people, who, since these events, have been living in terrible fear of further attacks. The European Union is playing its full part in the efforts we have made in solidarity with the United States to combat international terrorism. The same is true of our commitment to finding urgent solutions to the conflicts that threaten world peace, especially in the Middle East. Only if we show the necessary resolve and cohesion can we prevent such tragedies ever happening again. My thoughts are with the victims of all acts of terrorism and war and I ask you to observe a minute’s silence."@en1

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