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"Mr President, the Liberal Group welcomes Mr Lamassoure's report, which we find balanced and thoroughly informed. It will be closely studied in Turkey, where the reformers will find much to encourage them in their efforts to bring Turkey forward on the track of modernisation, liberalisation, full respect for fundamental rights and social and economic progress. So far the majorities in the Grand National Assembly for reform are great, but could I urge our colleagues inside the Turkish parliament to respond to this report in a truly parliamentary fashion? Why not pass a resolution calling for their government fully to respect the rulings of all the international courts, including the European Court of Human Rights here in Strasbourg? Why not pass a resolution supporting the setting up of the Rapid Reaction Force and why not pass a resolution to bring pressure to bear upon Mr Denktash to work towards the integration of Turkish Cypriots into the European Union? Such reciprocity between our two parliaments would demonstrate, in a dramatic way, that Turkey is truly advancing upon its European journey."@en1

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