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"Mr President, when the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center they demolished more than the twin towers. We also saw the destruction of the European Union's three pillars contrived at the Treaty of Maastricht and our response today requires a fully integrated approach involving trade, finance and security. The Ghent European Council showed that the Union enjoys both the capacity, and the will, to provide an increased sense of European security, solid in support of American self-defence, and sharing in the campaign to combat terrorism. This is a European Union increasingly active in its civilian role and far more present in the Middle East peace process. For us to succeed, we need to put aside our petty squabbles and the interinstitutional rivalries. The Commission and Council should reflect the impressive cross-party consensus that we have created in Parliament. In that context I would like strongly to congratulate the Belgian presidency on brokering such a successful deal on the setting up of the convention."@en1

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