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"Mr President, the situation in Mauritania is actually getting worse and worse. We are talking about a country that falls within the ACP framework in relation to the European Union and which, furthermore, hopes to move on from its current observer status to becoming a full member of the Barcelona process. We are obliged to remind the Mauritanian authorities that it is impossible for the European Union to envisage, for example, that country acquiring full member status in the Barcelona process if democracy does not become a reality, if human rights continue to be violated and, what is more, if the date is maintained for the municipal and legislative elections which, as things stand at the moment, will take place this October without any type of guarantee. There is clearly little chance of dissolved parties and imprisoned opposition leaders being able to participate when, furthermore, they have nowhere to express themselves because the press is either overseen by the government or simply does not exist. I shudder to think about the situation of that one Member of Parliament who does not belong to the government party in an assembly of 79 seats, but I imagine that if any opposition Member were elected in these elections – which will not happen – he would probably soon be sent from Parliament to jail. I therefore think that the European Union must implement the provisions of Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement. Mauritania lowers the already low average level of democracy and human rights in the Maghreb. However, it is clearly just one more case on a continent such as Africa, where human rights are constantly violated. Mauritania is a country where the permanent dictator, not the dictator of the moment, President Mauya Uld Sid'Ahmed Taya, has just torn up all the rules which, with the mediation of the European Union, the opposition and the government had established for proper elections, elections furthermore which have been delayed indefinitely. I believe that the Union must act decisively."@en1

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