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"Madam President, this White Paper between ourselves is worth more than all the recent grandstanding speeches of national leaders, because it combines clarity of purpose with a substantial degree of self-criticism. President Prodi has drawn attention to the paradox that people want the Union to be doing more in several fields but they still distrust the system of government. The Commission is therefore quite right to focus on improving the Commission's representative capacity, especially at the pre-legislative stage. I would also want a strong emphasis on improving the post-legislative phase, monitoring far more closely the way European policies are put into effect on the ground. My group welcomes the Commission's emphasis on decentralised management and on a reinforced role for the regions. The European region plays a vital part as the intermediary between the citizen and the supranational authorities. We also note the kind suggestion that Parliament feeds into the European system the views of its own electors. What else we are up to, I am not quite sure. But the place that we intend to do this is in the new convention that we trust will be set up at Laeken, a concept that strangely receives not a single mention throughout the entire White Paper. Would Mr Prodi agree that the White Paper will be a most sensible contribution to the work of that convention? Would he say exactly the way he sees the furtherance of the work on the White Paper fitting in with that of the convention?"@en1

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