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"Concerning the funding under the ISPA and SAPAR programmes, to which the honourable Member refers, this is structural aid and aid for agricultural development which is only granted to the candidate countries from Central and Eastern Europe to meet their specific needs as transitional economies. However, that does not mean that Turkey has missed out on the aid promised in Helsinki, on the contrary. The financial preaccession aid for Turkey has been doubled in 2000 and 2001 compared to the average annual amounts which were allocated in the 1996-1999 period. In view of normal budget procedures, we should aim to continue to grant this aid for the remaining part of the current financial perspectives. That is until 2006, as you know, and applies to all candidate countries. I should also like to point out that the EU’s general budget contains a new component, entitled ‘Preaccession strategy for Turkey’, in which the resources are increased in the light of this. As this budget line comprises different budget resources, the financial aid programmes for Turkey can be completed with greater efficiency. As you know, the European Parliament has approved this approach in its opinion on the framework regulation for Turkey."@en1

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