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"Question No 12 by Lennart Sacrédeus (): The European Council meeting in Helsinki in December 1999 decided that Turkey is a candidate State on the same terms as the other twelve candidate States. Turkey was therefore promised certain aid during the often long and difficult process entailed by membership negotiations. The forms of aid currently available to all candidate countries include funds such as ISPA and SAPARD. Turkey, however, has not benefited from those. The country has been refused the aid promised at Helsinki on the grounds that the EU did not have the financial resources available. Is it not time for the Council to ensure that the Helsinki summit decisions to treat Turkey on an equal footing with the other twelve candidate countries are now honoured and that the channels are opened for that country to obtain the aid it was promised, particularly in view of the fact that the Commission recently decided to refund 11.6 billion euro to the Member States?"@en1
"Subject: Equal treatment of Turkey in regard to accession aid"1

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