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"The President-in-Office of the Council is very receptive to the points we are making but her colleagues in the Council, generally, have very little to say about subsidiarity in a way that pleases us. This is the kind of thing that makes an increasing part of the population of Scotland recognise that being a Member State is a much better idea than being a constitutional region. However, things standing as they do, I would ask the President-in-Office if she would be prepared to discuss with colleagues the oddity of the structure of the Committee of the Regions which, instead of representing the regions in some proportion to their size, represents the states according to digressive proportionality. Denmark, which is already a Member State, has twice as many Members in the Committee of the Regions as Scotland has. Even Luxembourg has more! I do not know the difference between the regions of Luxembourg intimately, but I dare say they are less than the difference between the regions of Scotland."@en1

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