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"Mr President, thank you for allowing me to take the floor. This is the first chance I have had to speak to the House, because your Assembly only verified my credentials last Monday. Could I just remind you that have taken over from the Basque MEP, Mr Gorka Knörr, who was elected to the Basque Parliament on 13 May and has now become its Deputy Speaker. Madam Minister, I myself am Catalan, a Catalan from Roussillon, in other words a French national, and I applied to be included in a coalition in the Spanish State, a Basque-Catalan coalition, and that is why I, the Catalan, have taken over from Mr Gorka Knörr, the Basque. As you know, Madam Minister, Catalonia is more than just a region. It is a nation, a nation which has always been a courageous defender of liberty and has always been concerned with solidarity values. Catalonia is a deeply Europhile nation, and yet today that nation has some difficulty in finding its place in this institution. It cannot be content with the makeshift role which it has been granted in the Committee of the Regions, a committee whose powers, as you know, are extremely limited. This is why, knowing your position and your history, I hoped, and indeed still hope, that your presidency will enable progress to be made on this issue, not only the issue of Catalonia, but also the issue of all the other nations without a State of their own."@en1

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