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"Mr President, Madam President-in-Office of the Council, this morning we heard the Belgian Prime Minister. I agree with the basic tenet of his clear and intelligent speech and I hope that with the prospect of the Laeken Council, his action will serve to override the total failure of the Nice Conference. I must say, however, that in his speech, as in the answer that he has just given to our questions, for which I thank him, I noted the absence of any explicit reference to the political recognition of national and cultural diversity which, together with statehood, is a fundamental element of the European character. Within this diversity, the stateless nations that we represent have genuine historical and linguistic roots, as well as demographic and economic importance on a par with those of the Member States. We would like to see acknowledgement of our political, civic and democratic realities, together with the executive, legislative and judicial powers that distinguish us, so that we are able to participate in the European Council, just as we also acknowledge that federal states, Länder and constitutional regions that have a different nature but similar powers must participate. We would like to see these realities incorporated into the Laeken Declaration. We would like these realities to be included in the future Constitution. We hope, in any event, that our governments and our parliaments will participate in the convention drawing up the proposals for the European Union’s constitution."@en1

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