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"Mrs Neyts-Uytebroeck, or Annemie, if you will allow me to use your first name, we should not pull the wool over each other’s eyes. I simply want to say to you that, of course, I understand that you are replying here on behalf of the Council. But all of the ten EFTA parliamentarians present here naturally want to promote the regional process in the European construction, because we are all MEPs from pro-European regions. We fear that if the constitutional regions are not represented well in the European decision-making process, a gradual aversion to Europe will grow within those regions, because we will feel that our regions cannot have their say, that they are suffocating, as it were. That is why I should like to ask you, as the driving force in a discussion which is about to start, how you will try to actively involve those regions in the decision-making process and how you will ensure that the Council actually makes a statement in this connection in the foreseeable future."@en1

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