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"The next item is Question Time (B5-0329/2001 ). We shall examine Questions to the Council. We only have 40 minutes. I must reach a consensus with you for the functioning of this Question Time, because otherwise we will be in an impossible situation. If the first Members on the list of questions speak too much, the others will be deprived of their right. We initially have ten questions which are going to be taken together by the President-in-Office of the Council. If we have supplementary questions, you will appreciate that that would amount to thirty questions and that there would not even be time to hold Question Time. I am therefore going to apply Rule 19 of the Rules of Procedure, which gives the President the authority to organise the debate on exceptional occasions. If you need it, you can speak for a minute and a half instead of a minute; but please do not, each of you, ask for the floor three times with the subsequent replies. Please do not refuse this request, ladies and gentlemen. It is absolutely rational and necessary."@en1

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