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"Mr President, I would firstly like to congratulate Mr Wuori on this magnificent report. I believe his report is up to the challenge of responding to economic globalisation through a proposed globalisation of political and social human rights, since they are indivisible, and democratic principles. The essential thing is to know whether the European Union has the instruments to implement that globalisation of rights and, above all, whether it is prepared to use them. Take, for example, the European Union’s role in the United Nations and the Geneva Commission, which is often weak and even contradictory. Also, what can be done within the World Trade Organisation which, by the way, is going to meet in Qatar, a world leader in human rights, as the whole world knows. Also, in the use of the democratic clause with third countries, in which the European Parliament should have a clear role, regulated by the Treaty, and, of course, in bilateral dialogue and in the use of the code of conduct on the export of arms, a code which is still nothing more than a proposal and a suggestion and which does not stop Member States from committing aberrations by selling arms to countries which systematically violate human rights. The rights of peoples are also human rights. In this regard, I believe that collective rights cannot be forgotten either, starting with the right to self-determination. I would like to fly the flag here by asking the Government of Morocco to fully respect the rights of the Saharan people who live in its country’s occupied territories."@en1

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