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"Mr President, Egypt is crucial to stability in the Middle East. The country maintains important relations with the United States and Europe. Unfortunately there is still no internal stability. As long ago as 1967 a state of emergency was declared and has never been revoked. Egypt is still far from being a democracy. It lacks essential political freedoms and human rights are violated. The government restricts the activities of political parties, human rights organisations, professional associations and the press. People are imprisoned without trial and tortured. Show trials are still held. The recent sentencing of the American sociologist Ibrahim fits very well into this poor picture. It proves that jurisprudence is controlled by political motives and is unjust. As an important partner of Egypt’s, we should protest emphatically against these abuses. The Barcelona process will never get off the ground if democratisation is bogged down in autocratic reluctance. Stability means something else besides stripping people of rights."@en1

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