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"My group is determined that the specific legitimacy of the European Parliament to play a part in the constitutional development of the Union should be recognised inside the convention. Parliament will bring wisdom and commitment to the process and focus upon common European solutions. However, we also require the Member States to play a full part inside the convention and there are currently certain signals that some prime ministers are preparing to concede us the convention but then to withdraw their own representatives from it. This would subvert the convention and it would be an insult to this Parliament. It would also ruin the pretence that the European Council respected the role of national parliaments. For the governments to absent themselves would leave us with a grandiose talking shop, it would be insufferable for this Parliament to be fobbed off in this way. I would request the Commission and Council to pledge that the convention will have four parties inside it, and that the IGC will use the work of the convention as the basis for the IGC."@en1

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