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"I shall rephrase the question, because it is essential for the Council to reply in political terms. I do not need to be reminded of European Union procedures for adopting decisions of this kind. I think we are all familiar with them. The Council’s decision to include Colombia in the list of countries whose citizens require visas to enter European Union countries is not simply useless in the fight against the organised crime some Colombian citizens might be involved in. It also forces ordinary citizens to bear the additional cost of obtaining a visa. Furthermore, this decision clouds relations between the European Union and Colombia unnecessarily. In addition to myself, many Colombian intellectuals, led by none other than Mr García Márquez, have stated how close Colombia is to us. It has come to my notice, for instance, that Mr García Márquez did not travel to Spain to take part in the recent celebrations marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the newspaper . This was to comply with the undertaking given by those intellectuals who stated that they would not travel to the Union, at least, not to Spain, until this rule is withdrawn. I would ask you please to reply to my question and I hope the reply will be in the affirmative. Will the Council review this decision in the near future, having first consulted the Colombian authorities and Colombian society?"@en1

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