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"Mr President-in-Office of the Council, I invite you to follow the straightforward train of thought I am about to present. You stated that the Council has tackled the issue of the conflict in Western Sahara, and that a range of measures have been taken aimed at rebuilding trust between the parties. Do you believe that a measure of trust between the parties is that a Member State, one as important as the United Kingdom, should be selling arms to one of those parties when a cease-fire is in force? Secondly, continuing my straightforward train of thought, which code of conduct are we referring to? My impression is that many individuals and organisations must be referring to a different code of conduct from the one you mentioned. The code you mentioned might or might not exist. Thirdly, I hope you will give up that metaphysical position which allows you to state that you support Mr Baker’s efforts without specifying exactly how you propose to do so. I would be grateful if you could explain how you plan to support Mr Baker."@en1

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