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"Pursuant to Rules 15 and 18 of the Rules of Procedure, we shall now proceed to the election of a Vice-President. Since there is only one vacancy and only one candidate has been nominated, Mrs Catherine Lalumière, I propose that we should vote by acclamation. *** *** *** I proclaim Mrs Catherine Lalumière Vice-President of the European Parliament. The incoming Vice-President will take the place of the outgoing Vice-President in the order of precedence. I would like to congratulate Mrs Lalumière on her election and wish her every success in her mandate. ***"@en1
"(Parliament elected Mrs Lalumière by acclamation)"1
"Report (A5-0104/2001 ) by Mr Trakatellis, on behalf of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy, on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council adopting a programme of Community action in the field of public health (2001-2006) [COM(2000) 285 – C5-0299/2000 – 2000/0119(COD)] A5-0104/2001"1
"Report (A5-0112/2001 ) by Mr Stauner, on behalf of the Committee on Budgetary Control, on the Commission report on the measures taken in the light of the observations of the European Parliament in its 1998 discharge resolution [COM(2000) 558 – C5-0560/2000 – 2000/2263(DEC)] A5-0112/2001"1
"Report (A5-0113/2001 ) by Mr Blak, on behalf of the Committee on Budgetary Control, concerning discharge in respect of the implementation of the general budget of the European Union for the 1999 financial year (Commission) [SEC(2000) 537 – C5-0310/2000 – 2000/2155(DEC)] A5-0113/2001"1
"Report without debate on the proposal for a Council regulation amending Regulation (EEC) No 738/93 amending the transitional measures governing the common organisation of the market in cereals and rice in Portugal as provided for by Regulation (EEC) No 3653/90 [COM(2000) 763 – C5-0716/2000 – 2000/0295(CNS)]"1

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