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"Mr President, in Africa small elites often deem the struggle for power and wealth more important than the suffering of the population. At first, that did not apply to Guinea. Despite the poverty, it offered a safe refuge for refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia. Now Guinea, too, is caught up in a regional struggle for power. There is nowhere else for the refugees to go. Thousands are hiding in the jungle or are wandering fearfully in the heat without food, water or hope. If a corridor is not quickly created, an unparalleled humanitarian disaster threatens. There is a great deal at stake. The whole region seems to be heading for chaos. The purchase of weapons is more important than feeding people. Above all, Charles Taylor must take Liberia in hand. It is harrowing to see how indulgently Europe, too, is reacting to this catastrophe. What is the European Union doing, I ask the Commissioner, and when will the petty tyrants in power finally concern themselves with the lot of their people?"@en1

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