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"Mr President, the post-Nice agenda of the Heads of Government is motivated by political cowardice and not by the need to prepare Europe for enlargement. The topics are intended to allay the people’s fear of an intangible shift of power towards Brussels at the expense of national jurisdiction, but all they will do is increase the sense of alienation. It is impossible for there to be a definitive distribution of competences between the European and national levels. The cooperation process is dynamic not static. Things that are taboo at first, such as the euro, may appeal later on. This is determined by social need, which cannot be predicted. It would, of course, be marvellous to have a broad forum on the future of Europe, but the outcome is a foregone conclusion. There are fundamental differences of opinion on this matter amongst the countries, across the political divide, and even within the political parties themselves. If we want to restore the confidence of the people then we must introduce a culture of greater openness and decisiveness in Europe. So what we need is a political unit which does not stand for re-nationalisation of policy, but which strengthens the political European institutions. That is what we need to see on the agenda, and that is what would testify to courage."@en1

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