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"Question No 47 by Jonas Sjöstedt () I refer to the answer from the Commission to my question P-3079/00 , in which it states that the right to strike has to be respected pursuant to Regulation (EC) 2679/98. At the same time, it indicates its willingness to intervene against barriers to the freedom of movement regardless whether they stem from industrial action. This is a clear internal contradiction which can be clearly seen in the following hypothetical example. In the course of a lawful industrial dispute in Swedish ports the trade unions impose a blockade and the loading and discharging of ships is brought to a halt. Would that be a situation in which the Commission would have to order the Member State government to intervene to ensure that the free movement of goods in the internal market is not interrupted? How long could the strike continue before it threatened free movement? How far would the Member State have to go to restore free movement? Would the Member State have to use legislation to oblige the two sides of industry to accept a settlement via compulsory mediation by the government?"@en1
"Subject: Free movement of goods and the right to strike"1

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