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"Question No 46 by Antonios Trakatellis () After more than eight years, the Thessaloniki underground rail system – an infrastructure project designed to promote the sustainable economic development of the city – still unfortunately exists only on paper in the 2nd CSF, the local newspapers and the Ministry for the Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works. The Commission's answers to my previous questions since last February (,,and) are a prime example of evasion and the Community's endless political and bureaucratic procrastination, reflecting as they do the Commission's mismanagement and evident inability to investigate swiftly and effectively the allegations that Community rules have been breached in the performance of the contract. How many years does the Commission intend to deliberate over the measures to be taken in response to the allegations and what are the implications of the delay in taking a decision? What stage has been reached in this affair and what does the Commission intend to do if it is established that Community rules have been broken? Can the work go ahead with joint funding from the Community through the 2nd CSF and the European Investment Bank or is there an obstacle in this respect? Have appropriations been set aside under the 3rd CSF to carry out the project?"@en1
"Subject: Thessaloniki underground rail system"1

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