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"Question No 38 by Karin Riis-Jørgensen () European foundries and the insulation industry are using coke over 80 mm in diameter and are employing more than 100 000 people within the Community, while Community producers of coke employ no more than 800 people. Does the Commission find it in the interest of the Community to protect the EU coke industry, which has already benefited from substantial price increases, and thereby seriously harm the user industries which employ substantially more people? How does the Commission expect the user industry to remain competitive in the face of competition from iron castings from the Far East when the user industry has little or no possibility of increasing its prices? In the light of the foregoing, an increase of imports of coke can be expected from third countries leading to higher emissions of sulphuric acid. If so, is the Commission's decision in conformity with the Community's energy and environmental policies?"@en1
"Subject: Anti-dumping duty on import of coke of coal in pieces"1

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