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"Mr President, the traces of Suharto are very far from erased in Indonesia. Military influence may have been reduced but is still far too great. Corruption is still rampant. Ongoing violence on the Moluccas, in Aceh and in Irian Jaya is causing great suffering among the people. President Wahid and Vice-President Sukarnoputri have been unable to demonstrate a great deal of governmental power so far. It is very important for Europe to support the economic and democratic developments in Indonesia. But as Mrs Maij-Weggen has already said, this assistance comes at a price. It must benefit the poorest sections of the population. The violation of human rights must stop, the proceeds from corruption must be traced, and above all, wealth must be far better distributed. It is very difficult to hold this immense realm together. Fortunately, the time when a handful of Dutchmen were able to do so is now past. But poor administration, where the military are left to wreak havoc undisturbed, feeds the desire for independence. The origin of the conflict on the Moluccas mainly lies in Suharto’s ill-considered migration policy, which disturbed the population balance. The situation on these islands is still alarming. Only if an impartial army steps in will there be a chance of peace. The international community must bring maximum pressure to bear on Jakarta in order to put an end to the violence on the Moluccas. More humanitarian aid must be delivered. The same applies to ECHO, which, I might add, is doing a first-rate job out there. Irian Jaya is also suffering the effects of migration policy. Here too the local people are frustrated by the immigration of Muslims and the hard line taken by the military. It is of paramount importance that those guilty of human rights violations are not allowed to get away with it. I concur with those of my colleagues who are demanding an immediate judicial inquiry into the murder of Sander Thoenes. Mrs Maij-Weggen has written an outstanding report and I would therefore conclude that Europe must do all it can to support the country on its way to democracy, but at the end of the day, it is up to the Indonesians themselves to erase the traces of the Suharto regime."@en1

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