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"Mr President, the European Liberal Group strongly welcomes the Morillon report which we find skilful, frank and forceful. We will resist the efforts, some of them fairly spurious, to upset the balance the report successfully achieves, especially those amendments which seek to set up the European Parliament as a tribunal upon the past. Turkey is clearly the place for a debate on the past as part of its general self-examination concerning fundamental rights. Such a self-appraisal will amount to a veritable cultural revolution. We should be satisfied that process is proven to have started. The Morillon report and the accession to partnership commit the European Union to Turkey's candidature. It is now up to Turkey to show that it is committed to membership. The European Parliament will play its part in fostering relations with political parties, the NGOs and the press, as well as developing its tricky and sometimes fraught relationship with the Grand National Assembly. European Liberals are certainly prepared to play their part in bringing closer the prospect of Turkish membership and the spreading of prosperity, stability and security to all European peoples."@en1

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