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". – Madam President, whatever one felt about the mandate from the Cologne European Council, it was fairly surprising that the convention set up to draft the Charter fully succeeded in achieving the mandate. We faced an extraordinarily complex task for the inscription of fundamental rights and freedoms found inside the constitutional traditions of Member States and also within the general principles of Union law. In my opinion the convention managed to strike a sound balance between self-restraint and aspiration. We refrained from superseding the Treaties but maximised their impact by making the relationship between the citizen and the Union for the first time clear and visible. Some people will be disappointed that the Charter was unable to go further but it is of course a compromise forged in the crucible of the convention and it represents a balance between competing political tendencies, nationalities and cultures. That balance commanded a broad consensus inside the convention and should do so too inside the European Parliament. Parliament played a strong part is formulating the Charter. We profited from participating strongly in the process and the citizens we represent will profit from its solemn proclamation especially as Article 52.3 says the Union can then proceed to grant more extensive protection of European fundamental rights as European integration proceeds."@en1

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