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"Mr President, this is a truly distressing affair. Possibly the most important founding principle of the European Union was peace and those who seek to join the Union must try to conduct their domestic and their foreign affairs in as peaceable a fashion as possible. Turkey, as we appreciate, suffers from an extremely vulnerable border and it is a particular problem for it to establish the requisite stability and peaceful circumstances that its integration to Europe properly requires. As a part of the pre-accession phase of Turkey's candidacy, we should try to establish a functional forum where military as well as civilian and economic issues should be shared between us. Turkey's membership of NATO presents many of our Member States with a special responsibility in this respect. The development of a common European Security and Defence Policy should be seen as a pretext, and also as a bridge, for us to reach common positions on ways to combat terrorism while respecting fundamental rights. If we are able to succeed in creating such a practical forum, we should be able to expect that this sort of sad critical incident will be put firmly in the past."@en1

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