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"Mr President, why do so many Africans struggle when it comes to sharing power? If the principle ‘the survival of the fittest’ applies, leaving the weakest with nothing, then there is something fundamentally wrong. If, on top of this, the fittest constitute the minority, then conflicts are bound to ensue. As long as ethnic groups exclude each other and refuse to cooperate, there is precious little hope. Only national reconciliation can offer some hope and this is certainly true of Burundi. Following Mandela’s remarkable efforts, peace seemed to be on its way at last. Unfortunately, the fighting has not stopped and some parties have refused to sign the peace accord. Every effort must be made in order to ensure that the new negotiations are a success. Maximum pressure must be brought to bear on Hutu rebels to take part in the peace process instead of following the destructive instructions issued by the likes of Mr Kaliba and Mr Mugabe. In order to ensure that all parties are involved, it is of utmost importance for the political leaders to receive personal protection, and it is high time that the violence against innocent citizens, both on the part of the government and of the opposition, came to an end. If the fight continues, human rights continue to be violated and parties fail to get involved, there can be no talk of fully resuming European aid. Greater willingness on their part to make peace will lead to greater willingness on our part to help. The mediators must bring about initiatives to demobilise the parties so that they can ultimately unite in one army. As soon as the cease-fire is achieved, the Burundi refugees must be able to count on help from the international community to provide them with a safe shelter in Burundi. On a final note, for lasting peace in Burundi, it is crucial that peace in the Congo region is established. Only if Africans are willing to share power does this continent have a future."@en1

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