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"In general the Liberals support the motion, but we would have preferred a shorter and sharper text that focused exclusively on the politics of the European Council, and had clearer messages for the heads of government. The ELDR Group has requested split votes on various items within the Joint Motion for a Resolution, as follows: in paragraph 7 we seek to delete the second half of the sentence in order to reinforce the imperative of enlargement; in paragraph 9 we seek to remove the last clause because we know that the Lebanese government is indeed trying to reassert control over all its territory, but is prevented from doing so by forces beyond its control; in paragraph 14 we seek to delete the reference to Nato on the grounds that all EU member states are directly concerned with this issue; in paragraph 19 we seek to delete the reference to the Observatory of Industrial Change; and in paragraph 24 we seek to focus the text on the political message needed for Feira."@en1

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