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"Mr President, let us exercise honesty rather than hypocrisy. The European Union, the United States and the United Nations have all displayed considerable concern about the developments in Sierra Leone. We are not prepared to make any sacrifices. The United States is paralysed by the Somalia syndrome. The Union hides behind Washington’s back. We Europeans even leave the initiative to the Americans who send Jesse Jackson and let him loose in Freetown like a bull in a china shop. The United Nations’ intervention has once again turned into a fiasco. Only thanks to the United Kingdom were we able to stop the rebels in their tracks and arrest their leader, Sankoh. This offers opportunities for a peace deal which far outstrips the laughable one which has been shot to tatters. More than anything, we now need a watertight diamond boycott. To complain about cruel massacres and mutilations becomes very hypocritical if we ourselves allow the diamond industry to earn a fortune on the back of blood-stained diamonds. I would call for at least exercising more honesty when we discuss Africa."@en1

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