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"Madam President, I wonder which of these is more serious: what the Council has done by means of an intergovernmental method, once again, to reform the Treaties and an extraordinarily limited agenda for this IGC, bearing in mind the challenges facing us, or the report that we are going to adopt tomorrow in this House. I believe that our report is more serious. How can it be argued that this report is less serious when it proposes exactly what we need? It speaks of constitutionalising the European Union, it proposes suitable changes for its institutions, it requests an extension of policies and, above all, through its proposals, it tries to put the Union in a position to confront such important challenges as, firstly, globalisation and, secondly, the new economy which we have just discussed in Lisbon. I do not believe that the proposals which we make in this report are extravagant. They are consistent with what this Parliament has always demanded: more democracy and efficiency for the European Union. Furthermore, in this respect, I believe that the effort of the rapporteurs in drawing up the original draft and seeking a compromise through the amendments will lead to a position which should be taken into account by this Parliament and by the national governments. Madam President, I would also like to welcome the efforts of the Portuguese Presidency at the moment, and ask certain governments – I am not going to say which ones – to be a little bit more generous when it comes to European construction."@en1

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