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"Mr President, except for photographs and fine words, the Africa Summit has yielded very little. Africa asked Europe for more market access and debt repayment, and got vague pledges in return. Europe asked Africa to respect human rights more, fight corruption and cease violent conflicts, and got vague pledges in return too. The solemn declaration of Cairo was signed by governments which are anything but generous regarding clearing debts and opening up their own markets. The document is also signed by countries where human rights are being violated on a massive scale, where women are discriminated against, where the little funding that is available is used to massacre other population groups and where corruption has taken on almost ineradicable proportions. Wealthy Europe must grant generous aid to Africa in support of democratic institutions, primary education and health care and must substantially lighten the debt burden. The African countries need to understand that, without proper government, none of their developments will come to fruition, and both continents need to realise that strict population policy is absolutely indispensable. On the photographs from Cairo, the African and European leaders may be rubbing shoulders with each other but, in reality, there is a yawning chasm separating the two continents."@en1

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