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"Mr President, protecting animal and plant species which are threatened with extinction is about more than just preserving the natural riches. It is about a battle between civilisation and barbarism. Maintaining bio-diversity is also about more than preventing the extinction of certain animal species, however important these may be, such as elephants and whales. Since the individual species are unable to stand up for themselves, we need to do this for them, at home or elsewhere. This means, for example, that the international transport of tropical animals must be regulated. Even today, there are scandalous cases of abuse, both in legal and illegal transportation. Over-exploitation and misuse cannot be explained by poverty alone. They often involve ruthless traders who only have their own self-interests at heart. Although we may not be aware of it, huge numbers of animals are also the victims of natural disasters and especially wars in Africa. Animals are, by definition, not just there for our amusement. It is only right that a civilised society should give their beastly fate more attention."@en1

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