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"Madam President, the committee proposes to place a Charter of Fundamental Rights at the centre of the Union system, with mandatory effect upon the European Union, its institutions and the agencies. We do this because there is a great concentration of power at the centre of the Union and it is clearly necessary for the citizen to be protected from abuse of that power. We believe that the Charter will have three principal effects: first, it will reinforce the constitutional character of the Treaty; secondly, it will be a point of reference for those, including this Parliament, that wish to drive European integration forward with a greater degree of democratic legitimacy; thirdly, a Charter that is stylish and forceful will strengthen the profile of the Union for its present and future citizens. This resolution mandates the European parliamentary delegation inside the Convention. The Convention has already started the process of drafting the Charter upon the principal lines that we propose and upon the presumption that the final result will be binding. A strong vote for this resolution will assist the Convention to complete its task and set criteria for this Parliament’s final appraisal of the results. We should avoid becoming obsessed with the question of subsidiarity. The drafting of the Charter will certainly be informed by the application of that principle, but it is crucial that the Charter reflects modern European society with all its pluralism and with all its diversity. The effect of the Charter will be steady and gradual rather than sudden and revolutionary. There is also a controversy over the relationship between the new European Union Charter and the existing European Convention of Human Rights. We are proposing that the Union should itself sign up to the ECHR so that those rights inscribed in the existing Convention would form the solid core of the Charter. Madame President, our purposes are to write a charter that is so good that Member States will find it shameful to refuse to accept it within the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. The Charter represents a chance to build a modern post-national society, and marks a bold step forward from the sorrow and the pity of twentieth-century Europe. I strongly commend the resolution. ("@en1

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